Tesla Model Y Under Seat Air Vent Covers (1 Pair)


Designed to protect small debris from entering the under seat HVAC vents in the Tesla Model Y and protect the under seat floor.

Velcro design, no drilling, cutting, or tools required, just place them down over the vent. Easy to install, remove, clean (washable), and reinstall.

Made of high temperature resistant and flame retardant materials.

Each order includes two covers (1 Pair).

Tesla Model Y has air vents under both the driver and passenger side front seats, but TESLA makes them without a cover, items that might fall under the seat can become lodged in the vent or “disappear” into the vent, making the item difficult to find. In addition, debris that is left on the front floor mats can work its way back under the front seats and become lodged in the vents.

Our Under Seat Air Vent Covers have been custom designed to fit the Model Y under seat air vent precisely, and at the same time, allow air flow to occur.


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