Tesla Model Y Trunk LED Lighting Strip


Lighten and brighten up your Tesla Model Y trunk space to find items easily at 10x times brighter than OEM trunk light.

Our ultra-bright Model Y trunk LED light strip adds to the vehicle’s ambiance while serving the practical need of lightening up the contents.

Complete set with everything you need for an easy installation that can be carried out in less than 20 mins. Simply tuck the LED strip underneath the rubber seal.

Two switching modes:
1. Infrared photosensitive sensor: After opening the Model Y trunk, if the ambient light is bright, the LED lighting strip is OFF. If the ambient light is weak or dark, the LED lighting strip is ON. After closing the trunk, the LED lighting strip turns off automatically.
2. Physical switch: Manually turn on or off the LED lighting strip.

Power Source: Trunk 12V Socket
Low energy consumption, durable, waterproof(IP67), and flame retardant.

Frunk LED Light Strip is also available. Click here to buy.



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