Tesla Model Y/3/Highland Glass Roof Sunshade


Tesla Model Y/3/Highland Glass Roof Sunshade is designed to provide protection from the sun and heat for the car’s glass roof. This custom designed sunshade provides a sleek and stylish look with added UV protection. Enjoy more comfortable travel in your Tesla.

It’s made with lightweight mesh fabric and a collapsible rigid frame, allowing for easy storage and transportation. Enjoy shading from UV rays and reduce heat without affecting your car’s visibility.


Tesla Model Y/3/Highland Glass Roof Sunshade provides an effective barrier against heat transmission, helping keep the car’s cabin cool. Made from durable materials, you can count on it providing reliable protection for years. Enjoy more comfortable driving with this sleek sunshade.

Tesla sunroof shade provides a sleek look and superior sun protection for the glass roof. Installed easily with clips, the sunshade is removable for personalized convenience. Enjoy a cool, sun-free drive every time.

Tesla Glass Roof Sunshade is the perfect blend of convenience and style. Its sleek look offers superior protection from the sun, and the collapsible design allows for easy storage in the provided pouch. Enjoy the sun without compromising on privacy or comfort.

Its additional UV/Heat Insulation further reduces heat transmission into the cabin, keeping you comfortable and cool. Enjoy a sun-safe drive every day!

Get extra protection from UV rays, reduce the car’s interior temperature, and maintain a sleek look for your Tesla Model Y/3/Highland.