Tesla Model 3/Y Performance Pedal Set


Every Tesla “performance” (P) vehicle comes equipped with accelerator and brake pedals that stand out—brushed aluminum with black rubber strips to provide sure, non-slip usage. Now, you can make your accelerator and brake pedals stand out, even if your Tesla vehicle isn’t a performance model. Our Performance Pedal Covers provide a “performance” look and feel and are easy to install. They enable you to give your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y interior a distinctive look.

Fitment: Fits all Tesla Model 3 & Model Y years (including Refreshed/Highland).


• Provide a “Performance” look and feel for your vehicle.
• Easy to install.
• Offers your Tesla interior a distinctive, brushed aluminum look.

Give your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y pedals the performance look! Our pedal set really upgrades the look of the factory pedals; if you take a close look at the basic accelerator pedal, you’ll see that it’s very basic, and not at all becoming of a Tesla! Tesla (when they have stock) charge $150 for their Performance Pedal Set; get the same look for a fraction of the price!

Made from metal alloy and (non-stinky) PPE rubber, these are an easy upgrade to your Model 3 or Y.