Tesla Model 3 Highland Center Console USB Docking Station with Retractable Charging Cables and Ambient Light


This new center console USB docking station with retractable charging cables and ambient light is specially designed for the 2024 Refreshed Model 3 (aka Highland). It supports fast charging of electronic devices such as smartphones, iPads, gamepads, MacBooks, digital cameras, etc.

Simply tilt and slide to easily install and remove USB docking station. Small and beautiful, fit installation. The use of sliding covers and storage compartments is not affected at all.

Note: Designed ONLY for the 2024 Refreshed Model 3 Highland. Not compatible with any other models or years. This charging hub is only used to charge your devices. It doesn’t support any data transfer.



We all know the standard center console charger sucks, especially if your phone has a camera bump, preventing efficient Qi-charging. Designed ONLY for the 2024 Refreshed Model 3 (aka Highland) Center Console this USB hub has a choice of cables to support any of your devices with fast charging.

  • Choose from USB-C + Lightning, Lightning+Lightning, or USB-C + USB-C for the retractable cables
  • Cables extend 32″ / 80cm
  • Each Retractable cable supports up to 27W
  • Additional USB-A (Supports up to 65W. A USB-A super fast charging cable is required, and the device must support super fast charging protocol.) and USB-C (Supports up to 30W) sockets

It ‘slides’ into the track where the sliding door sits, so even when the door is closed, the ports are exposed, and the retractable cables are easy to deploy and hide. The unique ambient light design adds a touch of beauty to Tesla’s interior. Press the button on the side of the USB docking station to switch the ambient light mode. Press and hold the side button for three seconds to turn on/off the ambient light. Double-press the side button to turn the display on/off.

The finish matches the factory finish on the center console. This makes the 12V port in the front of your center console accessible and useful, and doesn’t obscure the light that shines into the front of the center console.