Tesla Model 3 Highland Center Console Liners


These function like small floor mats covering and protecting the bottom of the center console in 2 areas. The benefits that these liners have are that they make it easier to clean up spills, and crumbs.

They prevent scratches from loose objects like coins or pens. They prevent objects from sliding around making it easier to locate objects you could have stored.

These liners pair nicely with our Center Console Trays for Tesla Model 3 Highland.


These Tesla Model 3 Highland Center Console liners fit in the bottom of the front and rear compartments and line the floors, making clean-up easy (they’re washable), and help prevent the fluff and crumbs that seem to get lost in the flocked lining. They’re a perfect fit, easy to install (just drop in) and easy to remove for cleaning when needed.

Choose from front, rear, or a set (both front & rear).