Tesla Model 3 Highland Center Console Armrest Hidden Storage Compartment


The discreet solution for extra storage needs. Designed for your Tesla Model 3 Highland, this hidden compartment offers additional space for emergency cash or personal items.

Easily accessible yet inconspicuous, it seamlessly integrates into the center console armrest. Enhance your driving experience with the convenience of having essential items securely stored within reach but out of sight.

Elevate your Tesla Model 3 Highland’s interior with this practical and stylish hidden storage compartment for added peace of mind on the road.

1 Armrest Hidden Storage Compartment for Model 3 Highland

Compatible with Tesla Model 3 Highland 2024+



Tesla Model 3 Highland Center Console Armrest Hidden Storage Compartment

Upgrade your Tesla Model 3 Highland experience with our innovative Armrest Hidden Storage Compartment. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle’s interior, this magnetic case offers a unique combination of privacy and convenience. It’s the perfect solution for storing valuable items discreetly while keeping them easily accessible. Crafted with precision, the armrest hidden storage compartment boasts a sleek, minimalist design and utilizes strong magnets for secure closure. This armrest hidden storage compartment not only enhances the functionality of your Model 3 but also elevates its interior aesthetics.

  • Secure magnetic closure for quick and easy access
  • Custom-designed to fit the Model 3 Highland armrest perfectly
  • Elegant, minimalist design that complements your car’s interior
  • Ideal for storing valuables and personal items discreetly
  • Durable construction ensures longevity and resilience