Tesla Model 3 and Y Ambient Lighting Kit – GEN 2


Jealous of the LED strip in the new (Highland) Model 3? Well, don’t be. Our LED light strip beats it hands down! Featuring:

  • Ultra-bright, ultra precise light using state of the art nano LEDs
  • Virtually infinite color and pattern options
  • Choose from 200+ lighting patterns, including sound-activated
  • More sound-activated effects than GEN 1, including the starry sky effect
  • 100% reversible install, looks like it came from the factory
  • App or local control
  • Automatic on/off – like magic!
  • Easy installation, takes just 10 minutes

Once installed, the effect is seriously amazing. Single or multiple colors, chasing, rebounding, sound/music activated….the list goes on. And with the included USB hub, you get a couple of extra ports in your glovebox.

In The Box

1 x Upgraded LED Controller/Bluetooth Module
1 x Dash LED Light Strip
1 x Front Console LED Light Strip(optional)
1 x USB Hub
1 x 60-Second Control Module(Occupancy Sensor)
1 x Remote Control
1 x Pry Tool
1 x Double-Sided Tape

Since the glovebox USB is always powered, the occupancy sensor stays completely hidden in your glovebox and detects when there’s someone in your car. If nobody is detected after 60 seconds, it will turn the LED strip off. You can use the light without the sensor of course, but that means the lights will stay on until the car goes to sleep.

Note: This product is designed for Model 3 & Y that have the USB port in the glove compartment (typically late 2020 and onwards).