Tesla Jack Pads for All Models


When lifting your Tesla with a car jack, if you don’t do it the right way, you can really jack up your Tesla. This is because the jack points on a Tesla are dangerously close to a very expensive battery pack. It would be like lifting an ICE car by its gas tank. Another thing to keep in mind is that damage caused by lifting is not covered by the warranty.

One slip off the jack and there could be some costly damages. Our Tesla Jack Pads will help you avoid that and lift your Tesla safely without damaging the battery tray or side skirt.

This is the safest way to lift your Tesla. Due to the battery, Tesla has designated lift points. Our Tesla Jack Pads fit all Tesla models and create distance between your jack and your car which protects your battery.

Easy to use.
Protects the undercarriage of your Tesla from getting damaged.
Rubberized construction to withstand heavy weight.

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