Magnetic MagSafe Phone Mount For Tesla Model 3 and Model Y


This Magnetic phone mount is specifically designed for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. It is compatible with MagSafe iPhone, or any other phone thanks to the circular magnet provided.

It integrates perfectly into the dashboard of your Tesla to hold your cell phone firmly in place. Simplify your driving experience and stay safely connected with this convenient phone mount.

Made of premium plastic, our phone mount offers optimal resistance to shocks and scratches, ensuring a long life. The place that is in contact with the dashboard is made of high-quality silicone material, which will not scratch the dashboard.

With its sleek and discreet design, our magnetic phone mount blends seamlessly into the interior of your Tesla, preserving the aesthetics and style of your vehicle.

The mount attaches to the front vents meaning there is no drilling or modification required. No holes or damage to your dashboard. No tools are required. The installation is very simple and can be done in the comfort of your own driveway.

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