Ambient Light USB Hub for Tesla Model 3/Y


Jealous of the new (Highland) Model 3 interior? Well, don’t be. Our new ambient light USB hub beats it hands down!

2-in-1 Design, dual functionality as a USB hub and ambient light taking your Tesla interior to the next level!

Our Ambient light USB hub connects to your existing USB ports in the front of your center console, and brings the USB ports to the surface, where they’re actually useable!

It ‘snaps’ into the track where the sliding door sits, so even when the door is closed, the ports are always exposed.

All ports support charging, up to 27W (when 1 device is plugged in). Two of the ports also support data, assuming your Model 3 or Y has data available on those ports.

100% reversable install, looks like it came from the factory.
Easy installation, takes just 30 seconds.
Once installed, the effect is seriously amazing. Multiple colors or sound/music activated.

Fitment: 2021-2023 Tesla Model 3 and Model Y (with Updated Center Console). Not compatible with NEW 2024 Tesla Model 3 HIGHLAND.

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