4 in 1 Glovebox USB Hub for Tesla Model 3 Highland

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A new 4 in 1 Power & Data Splitter for your Tesla Model 3 Highland Glove Box.

This is the perfect solution of both data needs and for powering or charging other devices in your Tesla. Just pop open your glove box and plug in this 4 in 1 splitter. Plug in your stock TESLA Sentry mode Thumb drive and then you have 3 more ports for data and/or power. This is great for charging your power packs, or maybe AirPods or anything you want to charge quickly.

• Custom-designed, integrated USB Hub with 4 ports for the new 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland(Both Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive).
• Fits seamlessly in your glove box.
• Made of high-quality materials and components.
• Fast charging capability.
• Easy to install. Just Plug and Play.
• All ports provide power and data connectivity for the glove box area.

USB Hub Ports:
One BLUE USB-A 3.0 port for original Dashcam/Sentry mode thumb drive ONLY.
Three BLACK USB-A 2.0 ports for data transfer & power output.



Our Glove Box USB Hub Adapter with 4 ports is specifically designed for the new 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland(Both LHD and RHD).

This USB Hub fits perfectly inside of the glove box and doesn’t interfere with the glove box door or the storage area. With 4 ports, this USB Hub offers flexible charging for your Tesla’s interior and access to more data ports. Enjoy the convenience and versatility of this powerful USB hub!

The GloveBox USB Hub Adapter for the new 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland offers the convenience of 4 additional USB ports, perfect for charging your phone on the go. Compatible with sentry mode recording, game controllers, and music thumb drives, this product is essential for keeping your passengers connected and entertained.

Open glove box. Locate USB port. Once located, plug in the USB Hub to finish installation.