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Check out our MUST HAVE Tesla Model S Accessories that every owner needs.

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    • Tesla Model S/3/X/Y Puddle Lights (1 PAIR)Tesla Model S/3/X/Y Puddle Lights (1 PAIR)

      All of our lights are RoHS and CE certified, so you know they’re safe for use in your precious Tesla! Offered in packs of two, they are plug ‘n’ play compatible with 3, Y, and pre-Refresh S & X.


      • The brightest puddle lights available
      • An unrivaled lifetime warranty
      • Custom circuitry to ensure a long life
      • A higher-quality laser-etched projection glass (not printed film) for clarity and longevity
      • Completely plug and play – just pop the existing puddle lights out and plug ours in

      Beware of lower-quality puddle lights; there are lots of cheap options out there, but we’ve put a lot of focus into ensuring the longevity of our bulbs and not compromising on any of the components.

      Models S, Y, and 3 have puddle lights in all four doors (4 in total, so two packs) and the X has two (so one pack), one in each of the front doors. Please be aware that the mounting positions on the front doors of Model 3 & Y are set at an angle, so this will slightly skew the projected image. Model 3 & Y also have a limited current available, so if both doors are open on the same side of the car at the same time, you might experience a dimming of the projected image.

      Warning: After removing the existing puddle lights, the window will automatically go up. Do NOT close the car door directly after installing our puddle lights. Please use the window switch to adjust the window before you close the door to avoid any damage to the window.

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    • best neck pillow for tesla model yTesla Headrest Neck Support Pillows

      Our Headrests Neck Support Pillows fit all Tesla Model S, X, 3, & Y. No more fatigue during long road trips when your neck is properly supported with our headrests.

      The Headrest Pillow designed for Tesla Seat is a must-have for any long-distant driver and passengers. Dupont Inner core allows the headrest to keep its shape long time and create the ideal balance of soft and responsive support. Faux suede shell is smooth and comfortable against your skin.

      Made with Dupont ™ Sorna® sustainable fabric
      Faux Suede Cover
      Designed for Tesla Seat

      1x Dupon headrest pillow

      We don’t recommend the black headrest pillow on the white seat interior.

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    • cybertruck toy modeltesla cybertruck model

      This sleek, futuristic vehicle includes the Cyberquad that can be added and removed from the open truck bed. The Cybertruck has functioning headlights and taillights for super cool effects.

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    • Tesla Key Card Phone CaseTesla Key Card Phone Case

      This phone case is specially customized for Tesla owners. You can place an extra key card inside the phone case with your phone, which is very convenient and will not affect the wireless charging function of your phone.

      Since Tesla key cards use RFID technology, your key cards will not affect your phone or vica versa being next to each other.

      There are two types of phone case, one without circular magnet and one with circular magnet(can be used with magnetic cell phone holder), please purchase according to your needs.

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    • tesla jack standsbest jack pads for tesla model y

      When lifting your Tesla with a car jack, if you don’t do it the right way, you can really jack up your Tesla. This is because the jack points on a Tesla are dangerously close to a very expensive battery pack. It would be like lifting an ICE car by its gas tank. Another thing to keep in mind is that damage caused by lifting is not covered by the warranty.

      One slip off the jack and there could be some costly damages. Our Tesla Jack Pads will help you avoid that and lift your Tesla safely without damaging the battery tray or side skirt.

      This is the safest way to lift your Tesla. Due to the battery, Tesla has designated lift points. Our Tesla Jack Pads fit all Tesla models and create distance between your jack and your car which protects your battery.

      Easy to use.
      Protects the undercarriage of your Tesla from getting damaged.
      Rubberized construction to withstand heavy weight.

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    • Cartoon Skateboard Bear Ornament for TeslaCartoon Skateboard Bear Ornament for Tesla

      This cartoon skateboard bear ornament is installed behind the touchscreen of Tesla to add a touch of fun to your driving.

      Note: Before you place an order, please make sure there is space behind your touchscreen to install this ornament.

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    • Tesla Model 3 Y S X Seat Back Hooks Coat HangerTesla Model 3 Y S X Seat Back Hooks Coat Hanger

      Every Tesla has plenty of storage space, but oddly, nowhere to hang your dry-cleaning, a business jacket, a coat, a knapsack, a soft-sided computer bag, or gym stuff. Our Seatback Hooks offer a simple, low-cost solution for Tesla owners who want a place to hang things inside their vehicle.

      Made of high-quality ABS material, high strength, high toughness, high-temperature resistance, non-toxic and odorless.

      Each order includes one (1) hook.

      It takes less than 30 seconds to install and requires no tools. It can be removed just as easily as it is installed.

      2021 to Current Tesla Model Y
      2021 to 2023 Tesla Model 3
      2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland
      2020 to Current Tesla Model S
      2019 to Current Tesla Model X

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    • Cybertruck Style Mini Trash Bin for Tesla OwnersCybertruck Style Mini Trash Bin for Tesla Owners

      Designed to hold the litter that slowly invades your Tesla.
      Inspired by the design language of CyberTruck.
      Easy to use and easy to empty.

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    • Tesla Model Y & 3 Spoof Headrest CoverTesla Model Y & 3 Spoof Headrest Cover

      This Spoof Headrest Cover can not only show the unique personality of Tesla owner, but also add some fun to life!

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    • Side Camera Full Covers for Tesla Model S 3 X YSide Camera Full Covers for Tesla Model S 3 X Y

      • Transforms the side camera housings on your Tesla by giving them a carbon fiber look (NOT genuine carbon fiber).
      • Provides a layer of protection for the camera housing from dings and scratches.
      • Available in matte carbon fiber finish and gloss carbon fiber finish.
      • Applies in just minutes with no tools.
      • Custom-designed to fit the contoured surface of the camera housing.
      • Does not interfere with the rear/side facing cameras.
      • Each order includes a pair of covers.

      These side camera covers will pair nicely with our TESLA MODEL 3 & Y SIDE VIEW MIRROR CARBON FIBER COVERS.

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    • PLAID Badge Trunk Emblem for TeslaPLAID Badge Trunk Emblem for Tesla

      This badge fits Tesla Model 3/Y/X/S and makes your car more sporty.
      Stylish 3D design.
      Made of alloy material.
      Easy installation. No drilling, cutting, or tools required.
      This product uses special adhesives for cars, which will not damage the car paint.

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